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The significance of EPA certification

You can by telephone, fax or e-mail to us either way, we will put forward the preliminary intention to apply according to the general situation that you provide the best advice, authentication scheme to you, put forward before the test documents and drawings and other data requirements, and preliminary estimates related expenses.
Two, apply for
Please sign and seal the "application form", "agent authorization notice" to our company, and prepare the relevant information as requested;
Four, technical support (optional)
At your request, our project engineer will explain to you the standards and safety requirements associated with your product.
The cost level of the above technical support will be determined according to the specific workload.
Five, preparation for submission
Our project engineer will give timely feedback on the progress of the contact with the certification authority. .
Please prepare samples, documents and test fees as requested,
And send it to our project engineer.
Six, inspection
Our engineers will provide you with the sample data, and be submitted to the certification authority or the cost of the corresponding laboratory, and timely tracking the progress of the project, certification testing feedback information, until the end of the project.
Seven, repeat the test
If the test fails, you can make sample rectification, send samples again, repeat the test, or cancel the project and apply at maturity.
Eight inspection before the first factory inspection or certification
Upon the start of the project, the certification body or its designated inspection institution will be inspected by your factory for the first time before the inspection or certification. Our project engineer can assist you in the preparation.
Nine, follow-up service (optional)
After the certification is completed, we can provide a series of annual service according to your different requirements.

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