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CE authentication

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CE certification, which is restricted to products without endangering the basic safety requirements of human, animal and goods security, rather than the general quality requirements, the main provisions of directive coordination requirements, general requirements standard task instruction. Therefore, the exact meaning is: CE logo is a safety mark, not a quality mark. Is a major requirement for the core of European directives".
The "CE" sign is a safety certification mark that is considered a passport for manufacturers to open and enter the European market. CE stands for European unity (CONFORMITE, EUROPEENNE).
In the EU market, CE mark is a compulsory certification mark, whether the EU enterprises produced products, or products produced by others, to the free circulation in the EU market, we must add "CE" mark, to indicate the basic requirements of products comply with the EU "technical coordination and standard instruction of" the new method. This is a mandatory requirement imposed by EU law on products.
Limited to the basic safety requirements of products that do not endanger the safety of human, animal, or cargo, rather than general quality requirements, the coordination instructions specify only the main requirements, and the general instructions are standard tasks. Products comply with the relevant instructions on the main requirements, CE logo is a safety mark, not a quality mark.




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