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  • ISO14001


This standard specifies requirements for an environmental management system, to enable an organization according to laws and regulations and it should comply with other requirements, and information about significant environmental factors, develop and implement a policy and objectives. It applies to environmental factors identified by organizations as controllable, or likely to exert influence. But the standard itself does not provide specific environmental performance guidelines.
ISO14001 certification mark
ISO14001 certification mark
This standard applies to any organization with the following desires:
(a) establish, implement, maintain and improve the environmental management system;
(b) make sure that they are in line with the declared environmental policy;
(c) demonstrate conformity to this standard in the following manner;
1) self evaluation and self declaration;
2) seek the relevance of the organization (such as the customer) to verify its conformity;
3) seek external confirmation of its self statement;
4) seek external organizations to authenticate / register their environmental management.
All requirements specified in this standard can be incorporated into any environmental management. The extent of its application depends on factors such as the environmental policy of the organization, its activities, the nature of its products and services, and its place and conditions of operation. This standard also provides an informative guide on how to use this standard in Appendix A.



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