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Candidates need information

First, see the recruitment information
1., please enter the company website (www.eec-ce.com) talent recruitment channels, recruitment position column view talent recruitment information, you can send resume directly.
2., you can enter a professional recruitment site, search job information.
3., candidates can according to their expertise, job intention, from recruitment information to choose their own position.
Two. Understanding the company
1. candidates from the company's website to understand the company's service positioning, business areas, development and corporate culture, etc..
2. if the applicant is not clear, call the company for advice on the contact number in the recruitment information.
Three. Application information delivery
1., candidates can email, mail or fax, professional recruitment sites and other means to express their intention to apply for the company, and delivery of application materials.
2. e-mail: candidates can send e-mail address according to the network recruitment information in the E-mail, please in mail text form of delivery (for network security perspective, email attachments on the need for screening, photos or proof performance materials, please avoid the self extracting compressed file form issued by.Exe or with accessories).
3. fax or letter: the applicant may in accordance with the network recruitment information published in the company fax number or address, their application letter, resume and certificate information sent or mailed to the company recruitment commissioner.
4. recruitment website: candidates can fill in our recruitment website to fill out a detailed resume, and select related positions for delivery.
Four. Primaries and replies
1., the company recruitment specialist will check the electronic mailbox and recruitment website information, and apply for letters or faxes, and according to resume applicants qualification screening.
2., if the conditions are met, then download resume, after registration, and forwarded to the relevant department in charge of personnel review.
3. in general, the company will reply to the qualified candidates within 14 working days. If the applicant fails to reply within 14 days, the applicant shall be deemed to have not been selected.
4. for the application materials, including mail or correspondence, the company will properly handle and ensure that the applicant's information is not disclosed.
Five. Initial telephone contact
1. if the data meet the requirements of the candidates, the company recruitment Commissioner will take the initiative to telephone contact with job seekers. Because we use the extension through the switchboard to make calls, caller ID telephone number can only show the operator number, so please answer the phone in person, make sure the telephone number, company and extension number.
2., the company telephone communication is also a part of the recruitment screening, mainly to the applicant to understand the job requirements related content, job seekers should truthfully answer.
3., if you need a long time to communicate, you can arrange other time and use convenient telephone to further communicate.
Six. Interview notice
1. companies usually notify interviewers by phone or e-mail. The contents include interview time, bus route, contact person and contact telephone number, as well as request relevant information, documents and so on.
2., applicants should carefully record the contents of the interview notice, unknown should immediately ask for clarification, especially telephone and contact person, and with the company recruitment Commissioner to determine effective interview time.
3. interview will generally divided into two times, the first is conducted by the personnel department recruitment officer and director of personnel, the main purpose is the candidate qualifications further assessment, and the candidates of the company policy advisory communicate. The company will re evaluate and screen the second interview according to the result of the interview, that is, the person in the employment department interview, and the recruiter and qualified candidates will make an appointment again.
Seven. Interview process
1. please come to the company 5~10 minutes before the appointed time. Because the company will arrange the interview order in advance, and arrange the schedule with the interview supervisor, so if the interviewer comes in more time, it may wait longer.
2. after the interviewer enters the company, please report and register at the front desk and fill in the information in the conference room according to the direction of the front desk. The receptionist will contact the interview supervisor to show that the interviewer has arrived and is ready for the interview.
4. fill in the data, the staff review, finishing interview materials. The recruiter informs the interview supervisor about the interview. Generally arrange personnel interviews.
5. after the interview, the interview supervisor will feedback the interview to the company recruitment specialist. Please listen to the recruiter's arrangement. Generally speaking, after the interview, the applicant does not have to wait for the result in the company.
Eight. Interview result announcement
1., the first interview qualified personnel by the company personnel department summary interview situation, and to the employer recommended, after the recruitment of qualified personnel with the telephone appointment again interview or telephone interview time. If a notice is not received within one week, the applicant shall be deemed not to have been interviewed for the first time.
2. the interviewee will be notified by telephone again.
Nine. Registration, entry and contract signing
1. the company will inform you of the official information and the registration and other matters; if not adopted, reply, you can not employ
2. when reporting, please prepare the original certificate of education and original ID card, one inch color photo three, etc..
3. the registration should be reported on the date of the company's request. If there are any special delays, please explain to the supervisor.
4., the reporter in accordance with the requirements to fill in the employee list, personal information table, signed the relevant contract.
5. formalities are completed, you can go to the employing Department official registration, work.


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