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Brief introduction of Testing Center

Brief introduction of Testing Center
In June 2008, Zhejiang Fangyuan JIAYE Fangyuan testing group jointly funded the establishment of the vehicle testing center, testing center is located in China hardware capital - Yongkang, covers an area of more than 2000 square meters, car detection equipment investment more than one thousand yuan, covering almost all the test items of the vehicle detection project for our customers to provide motorcycle, electric vehicles, ATV vehicles etc. the vehicle and spare parts for domestic and foreign standards. At present, the facilities in the laboratory are gradually improved, and the talent team is constantly enriched. In the long-term market development and cultivation process, the awareness is increasing. Adhering to the "based in Zhejiang, radiation throughout the country, to the world" concept and confidence, we firmly believe that the center will usher in a more brilliant tomorrow
Testing service range
Service scope: mainly engaged in testing laboratory four wheel type car motorcycle, all kinds of motorcycles and mopeds, motorcycles and mopeds (ATV) type motorcycle engine parts, bicycle and moped engine, light vehicle exhaust pollutants (mode, idle speed), detection of the helmet and other products and projects, according to the national standard (GB), international standard (ISO), the European directives and regulations (EC directive, ECE regulations), the laws of the United States (DOT, EPA, CARB), safety and environmental protection projects, various types of motorcycle and engine performance, reliability and durability test, and has the ability of light vehicle emission inspection. Provide vehicle, parts, purchase recommendations for enterprise quality consultation; and quality supervision and management of the industry and market products; provide product quality analysis, quality management, quality inspection and consulting services; the tired parts of national standards and industry standards, local standards and enterprise standards publicizing; consultation; to provide advisory services to establish testing Laboratory for enterprises; provide corporate training.
Testing center capability
Laboratory has passed the ISO17021 and other related laboratory management system certification, the laboratory has also been approved by the National Accreditation Council and the Zhejiang quality and technical supervision bureau. The center can complete the relevant vehicle test according to the national standard at present. The laboratory was approved by the German KBA in June 08, allowing the center to be accredited in accordance with the European standard inspection capability.
The inspection center has long been engaged in automobile, motorcycle, four wheel type car engine test (ATV), and parts of the products, strong technical force, the existing staff of 27 people, professional and technical staff accounted for more than 90%, including 2 senior engineers, 10 engineers; inspection technicians undergo a rigorous technical training, with a solid theory rich knowledge and experience in testing.
The establishment of laboratory institutions is sound, the management system is perfect, and the means of testing are advanced. The main instruments and equipment were imported from the United States, Japan and other countries, and the inspection equipment was well equipped with a capital investment of 7 million yuan. Inspection building construction area of about 2300 square meters. A motorcycle truth testing laboratory simulation machine exhaust emissions, engine performance testing laboratory, experimental field noise level performance standards, has the vehicle performance, quality and size, lamps, batteries, spare parts (including the rearview mirror, horn lock, etc.), environmental testing laboratory, can meet all kinds of motorcycle, engine performance testing and safety components the requirements of.


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