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Corporate history

In the course of fifteen years, respectively, the founder of Zhejiang Fangyuan JIAYE Authentication Technology Co. company, Hangzhou Fangyuan JIAYE Electrical Technology Service Co., Ltd. Fangyuan JIAYE Yongkang branch, Zhejiang Jiande office, Zhejiang Taizhou branch and Chongqing office certification services company, to lead the team into a breakthrough certification.
Enterprise process
In 1996, we entered the certification service industry, and studied the system certification, product certification, product testing, product standards and other certification services.
Leadership concern
By the Zhejiang Provincial Bureau of quality inspection acceptance, Fangyuan testing group to accept the main technical services provided include: vehicle E/e-mark certification, EPA certification, CARB certification, DOT certification, GS product certification, CE certification, TUV certification, CB certification, CSA certification, FCC certification, FDA certification, RoHS certification, C-Tick certification, VDE certification, UL certification, PSE certification and other certification.
Honor Hall
Activities, certification, acceptance and other honors


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