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Business introduction

Thank you for the Hangzhou Fangyuan JIAYE certification company's concern and support work!
Fangyuan JIAYE was founded in 1996, headquartered in Zhejiang, Hangzhou. Hangzhou Fangyuan JIAYE Electrical Technology Service Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Fangyuan JIAYE (Yongkang branch), Jiande, Zhejiang and Zhejiang with firm Taizhou office and Chongqing office.
Fangyuan Jiaye was establisehd in 1996 headquartered in Hangzhou Zhejiang, province. Till now Fuanyuan Jiaye has Hangzhou Fangyuan Jiaye Electric and Technology Service Co., Ltd Hangzhou, Fangyuan Jiaye Yongkang Branch and offices in, Jiande, Taizhou, Chongqing.
The company is currently the largest domestic certification services, we are committed to certification, testing, standards and regulations, enterprise training, personnel training and other services, provide more effective technical support for the enterprise, but also provide help for human safety and health etc..
Fuanyuan Jiaye is one of the largest certification consulting organizations in China, dedicated to certification, testing products, standards and regulation, business training, etc. We are devoted to provide the enterprieses with effective technical supports as well as assistances to human safety and healthy.
June 2008 established the vehicle testing center covers an area of more than 2000 square meters, in April 08 by the provincial measurement certification and accreditation review, in May 08 through the laboratory accreditation of KBA in Germany, in April 09 through the British VCA laboratory accreditation. Provide customers for motorcycle, electric vehicles, ATV car vehicle and parts of EEC detection, MD detection and vehicle detection and other projects, provide technical services more benefit for enterprises.
In May 2008, Fangyuan Jiaye was accepted by the KBA Laboratory in Germany. In April 2009 Fuanyuan Jiaye was accepted, by the VCA laboratory in United Kingdom. Fuanyuan Jiaye provides EEC testing of the whole vehicle and sub-assemblies of motorcycle, electric vehicle, ATV as well as vehicle MD testing. It tends to give enterprises more efficient and effective technical supports.
Company business philosophy: "professional, realistic, rigorous, good faith."".
Business philosophy - professional, practical, rigorous, honest
Our business philosophy: "professional, realistic, rigorous, good faith."".
Our, business, philosophy - professional, practical, rigorous, honest.
Our criteria: "cooperation creates value", always to safeguard the interests of customers.
Our principle - cooperation, creates, value, attaching, importance, to, the, clients., interests, of,...
Our spirit: cooperation, creation, challenge, contribution".
Our essence - cooperation, creativity, challenge, contribution.
Our values: our dedication and talent will not be buried; a single effort will reap a harvest.
Our value - Dedication, and, capability, will, not, be, ignored, no, pain, no, gain.
Our quality policy: "fair code", "high quality, high efficiency, scientific innovation" and "first class"".
Our, quality, policy - impartial, &compliance, high-quality&, efficiency, scientificity & innovation, being, the, top, one.
Company business philosophy: "professional, realistic, rigorous, good faith."".
Business philosophy - professional, practical, rigorous, honest
corporate culture
Companies adhering to the "cooperation to create value" concept, has always been to safeguard the interests of customers as a criterion, in good faith to provide enterprises with the most appropriate service projects, first-class standards.
Corporate history
In 1996, we entered the certification service industry, and studied the system certification, product certification, product testing, product standards and other certification services.
Test center capability
Vehicle E/e-mark certification is our company's leading project. After years of experience in vehicle project testing, we have a team of senior vehicle and component certified engineers


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